Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A Prayer

Wow!  What a crazy year!  There is simply too much to update tonight, because it is already after midnight, but I will post again soon.  I just want to pray "out loud" and then go to bed.

Heavenly Father, You are my Abba.  You are my daddy.  Thank You so much for making me to be Your child.  It is unfathomable to know that I am a child of GOD!  You love me with a love that endures forever.  Your faithfulness continues through all generations.  You uphold me with Your mighty right hand!  Lord, my Lord, I praise You, for You are worthy to be praised.  You sent forth Your Word and You healed us!  You gave us faith to believe!  You teach me when I come to You and ask You for wisdom.  You give generously, without finding fault.  Thank You for teaching me.  Thank You for teaching us!

Father, I thank You for Jesus!  He is the way, the truth, and the life.  He is the visible image of You, my Father!  He is the exact representation of You, so if I know Jesus, then I know You.  You are eternal life!  Your Word says that to know You is eternal life!  I know Jesus!  I believe in Him!  Therefore, I have eternal life!  Thank You, Jesus, for loving me and dying for me, so that I might be reconciled to the Father.  Because of Your great gift, I am righteous and can stand before the Father in Righteousness!  There is NO condemnation for me, because I am clothed in Your righteousness.  I am in You and You are in me!  Wow!  Thank You for giving me the gift of the Holy Spirit!  Thank you, Holy Spirit, for living in me and working in me to will and to act according to Your good purposes.  I love living in love!  I love knowing that love never fails!  I have proved over and over that selfishness fails every time, but I believe Your Word, that love never fails!  I will live in love because Your Spirit lives in me.  Your commands are not burdensome, because Your Spirit lives in me.  I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength!

Lord, give me rest tonight.  Give me strength for tomorrow.  Fill me with love for those who are difficult to love.  Thank You, because I know that I can ask for anything in Your name.  I can have confidence before You and know that I have received whatever I ask for, because I obey Your commands and do what pleases You.  Thank You for faith to believe.  Thank You for hearing my prayer.  Thank You for advancing Your kingdom through me and through my children.  Thank You for the privilege to live for You!

Father, I love You!  Thank You for filling me with You love and for giving me the same kind of love for others that You have for them.  Amen!

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