Saturday, November 23, 2013

Schedule and Meal Plan Short Version

Here is the short version for reference:

General Daily Schedule:
6 or 6:30 - Wake up, read the Bible, and pray
7:00 - Wake everyone up, devotional time
8:00 - chores and breakfast.
9:00 - Math
10:00 - Foundations
11:00 Reading and Writing

11:45 Naptime for youngest

12:00 - lunch and afternoon chores

Mondays - sandwiches, chips or crackers, raw veggies, and fruit 
Tuesdays - PB&J, something crunchy, some kind of fruit, sometimes a cheese stick, sometimes raw veggies
Wednesdays - sandwiches or leftovers and whatever we can find in the fridge 
Thursdays - something quick and easy like sandwiches, leftovers, or mac&cheese or SPAM 
Fridays - same as Tuesdays
Saturdays - pancakes, eggs, and bacon for brunch 
Sundays - leftovers

1:00 Latin with my Challenge A student and board games and card games for elementary students

2:00 EEL and IEW (Language Arts) with 4th grader, study and time with siblings for others

4:00 Dinner prep for me, free play for others, study time for older kids if they need it

5:00 - Dinner 

Mondays - currently boiled chicken, rice or bread, and a veggie, soon to be meatloaf 
Tuesdays - always a crockpot meal, usually a roast with carrots and potatoes
Wednesdays - hotdogs with buns or with rice, veggie, spinach salad
Thursdays - usually Frito Pie: Fritos, homemade chili, cheese 
Fridays - Pizza Night: pick up pizza and salad, everyone loves pizza night 
Saturdays - something yummy for dinner 
Sundays - still not set

6:00- 9:00 - chores, finish school, get ready for bed

6:30 - bathtime for three boys

7:00 - bedtime for three boys

8:00 - bedtime for KES

9:00 - bedtime for Challenge students and Mommy and Daddy time!

This is our schedule.
It is meant to serve us, not to rule us.
Love always comes first.
Mercy trumps the schedule.

God is with me throughout the day, whatever I do and wherever I go.
Love is with me throughout the day.
I am learning to talk to Him about everything, all day long.
I talk to Him about love, all day long.

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