Saturday, November 23, 2013

Sometimes Things Don't Go Right

In the previous two posts, I share our homeschool schedule.
Occasionally, we get off-track.  If I don't hold to the schedule very well for too many days in a row, then we have to make too many adjustments and the kids don't know what to expect.  Then, things start to get crazy again.  Kids slack off on chores and schoolwork.  Behavior goes downhill.  I can't easily say, "You know the schedule," so I begin to get frustrated and target the kids' irresponsibility and their poor behavior, which makes everything worse.  They become insecure, and their behavior continues to spiral down.  Thankfully, this doesn't happen often and we know how to quickly get back on track.  Praise the Lord!
At some point, I realize what is happening and I praise God for opening my eyes to see the truth.  I recognize that I had not been faithful to my word and they were simply following my lead.  I thank the Holy Spirit, who lives in me, for convicting me (convincing me) that my behavior was not right.  I confess (acknowledge, agree) that I was not faithful like my Heavenly Father is faithful, and I agree that I do not want to live like that because no good thing comes from it.  I want to be like my Abba in heaven.  I confess (acknowledge, agree) that I had become unloving as I focused on my children's behavior and became frustrated with how it affected me and my plans for the day.  I agree with God that love is the only way!  He comforts me, reminding me that I am His child and that there is now no condemnation for me, because by faith I am clothed in the righteousness of Christ Jesus.  I thank Jesus for what He did on the cross, which He did because of His great love for me.  Wow!  He loves me!  He really loves me!  He paid the price for my sin!  He really loves me!  I thank God for Jesus and for giving me His Spirit to lead me in paths of righteousness.  I thank Him that I am free to forget what is behind and to move forward in righteousness.  I am free from the power of sin and death!  I am truly free!

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